MahoMahonia Na Dari

Research and Conservation Centre

Kimbe Bay, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Marine Education

Mahonia Na Dari has developed a pioneering marine education program for local schools, known as the Marine Environment Education Program (MEEP). It aims to instill environmental and conservation ethics in the younger generation of Papua New Guineans.

Mahonia also hosts excursions for schools from anywhere in the country, or from overseas, for up to five days at a time. Mahonia can accommodate 20 students and 2 supervising teachers in a dormitory. It is equipped with separate bathrooms for males and females, a lounge area and a kitchen for the visiting group to use while with us at Mahonia. For further information, please contact Mahonia on: [email protected]


In order to deliver its educational message to as many people as possible, Mahonia conducts outreach activities, visiting schools and villages in West New Britain.  There is a very popular puppet show, conducted in pidgin, which outlines the damaging effects of “poison rope” and dynamite fishing. “Poison rope” fishing uses a highly toxic substance derived from a local plant known as derris root, which kills fish indiscriminately and also affects corals.

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