MahoMahonia Na Dari

Research and Conservation Centre

Kimbe Bay, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Who we are

Mahonia Na Dari means “Guardian of the Sea” in the Bakove language, native to the Kimbe area of West New Britain.  Mahonia Na Dari (Mahonia) is a local non-government organization working to promote the conservation of the natural environment of Kimbe Bay, especially the marine environment.

Mahonia started in 1997, through a co-operative effort between  The Nature Conservancy, the European Union Islands Region Environmental Program and Walindi Plantation Resort.  Mahonia operates from the Walindi Nature Centre.

Mahonia was incorporated in 1998 as an independent NGO, with its own Board of Directors, with a mission to understand and conserve the natural environment of Kimbe Bay and Papua New Guinea for the benefit of present and future generations.

Mahonia would like to thank the many organisations and individuals who support its work.

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